ProduceLite is the first in our series of market data products available for subscribers. Ideal for the experienced analyst, this level of data simply provides tables of raw data for the customer to manipulate to their own needs / specification. Data is delivered in an Excel spreadsheet to your inbox and updated every week. This service is also ideal for smaller companies that need a cost effective reliable data source to help with their planning.


ProduceView is our flagship product. Category data is collated by our team on a weekly basis and input into our bespoke system. Your ProduceView login provides access to a comprehensive suite of data – available through both our website and ‘app’. Data can be interrogated further including filters by SKU level, retailer and price point. This is the ideal tool for the busy Category Manager and allows each user to gain a robust understanding of the market landscape. Our popular Discounter Tracker is also available with this product – an essential tool for those trading with UK discount retailers.


ProduceInsights is our premium subscriber service and allows the user an indepth insight into their particular category – including unique access to historical data. An enhanced analytical tool - ProduceInsights has been developed in conjunction with our customers, and provides a cost effective, reliable source of price trending data that also drills down to promotional and SKU level. As with ProduceView, ProduceInsights is available via our website or our ‘app’ upon subscription.